There is a fairy in book 2 now…

I had thought about introducing fairies as a race in my world at some point, but it happened while I was working in chapter 1 of book 2.  Originally the character was going to be someone else, but while writing out the section he appears in the idea popped into my mind to instead introduce a fairy to fill in this role.  Dren is a guide for the elf introduced in the epilogue of book 1, and that’s really all I can say about him, since I don’t want to spoil anything about the elf girl.  I haven’t gotten everything figured out about him yet, but I hope the readers will like him.


Book 2 is going well!

Hello, everyone!  Book 2 is coming along well, but I still don’t have a title for it.  I know I haven’t been updating regularly, but I wanted to touch base with anyone checking the blog to let you know I am working on writing book 2.  Also, as I’ve mentioned, I’m working on a new cover for the first book as well as some other artwork and the glossary for the book.  I know that will help people with pronunciation of some of the names in the book and give some details to the reader they may not get from the story itself.  I may have the kindle version up for free soon for a limited time (3 days), and I’ll let everyone know that weekend so you can get the word out.  Hopefully it will get my book more recognized on Amazon and get me some reviews.  One more note: it looks like I may get that book signing off the ground in the next couple of months.

Book 2 Preview

Hi, everyone!  I wanted to share the prologue for the currently untitled sequel to The Lost Kingdom of Moora.  Keep in mind that this may not be the final version of the prologue since it’s only the first draft, but story-wise it should be close to the final product.  Let me know what you think about it!  Oh, and you really should only read this if you have finished the first book, otherwise you might be slightly spoiled about some things.

book 2 prologue

New Cover

When my book was finished and I knew I was going to have to self-publish to go ahead and get it out into people’s hands, I made a cover in Microsoft Publisher for the book that is relevant to material in the book, but also is very simple.  I really want to get a better cover for the book before I get into doing any book signings, so I am looking into having this done now.  My plan is for myself and some other artists I know to each do a cover and then have people vote.  When the voting is complete, the winner will be the cover of the book (I will include the other unused covers on the interior of the book).  I’m also planning to have each artist, myself included, do artwork of two or three scenes to place in the back of the book to give a visual bonus to my readers.

Also, I am beginning work on a glossary to put in the back of the book to give pronunciations and information about the characters and places in the story.  This shouldn’t take long to do, but it won’t be added to the book until I have gotten the new cover.  Once I have the glossary, art, and new cover ready, I’ll be re-uploading the book onto Amazon, so if you haven’t gotten the book yet, keep an eye out for this.  I hope to have this done by August/September and then get fully focused on book 2 (which I am writing right now).  Thanks for the support!

Book signing?

I’ve looked into doing a book signing and have met with the manager at 2nd & Charles in Augusta.  I can set one up, but before I can do that, I’m going to need to purchase a lot of books to have on hand.  I’m working on having the money to afford that, and once I can get about 30-50 books, I’ll set up the signing and advertise it.  I am excited about the opportunity to hopefully sell some books in person to people who haven’t heard of me or my book yet.  When more information about this is available, I’ll let you all know!  If you’ve purchased my book and would like me to sign it, I’d be happy to do so.  Send me an email at and we can arrange for you to mail it to me and I can mail it back to you signed.  Thanks to all my readers for their support!

Another reason I started writing

So I have discussed some reasons I started writing and some of my inspiration, but one thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned anywhere is The Wheel of Time.  Recently it has been on my mind since there have been articles saying that Sony is going to make a Wheel of Time tv series.  I loved Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series and thought Brandon Sanderson did a great job writing the last three books after Jordan’s passing.  But I did not like the ending.  I remember finishing the book and just thinking of all the years I had put into the series just to get that for the finale and being dissatisfied.  That’s not to say it’s a bad ending, it just wasn’t what I was hoping for.  And I think that is when I first thought how if I wanted a book to end the way I wanted it to, I’d have to write it myself.

Now there are series and individual books I’ve read that have ended in a satisfying way for me, but the Wheel of Time just didn’t.  I don’t know how many books I’ll write in this series, but I know that just like the Wheel of Time, it’s possible not everyone will like the endings of my books.  And that’s okay.  I just really hope the readers love the characters and the adventures.

The World of The Lost Kingdom of Moora

TLKofM Map

While I was writing the second chapter of my book, I realized I should have a map for some reference of where the towns and kingdom capitals were located in the story.  There are other towns within these kingdoms, but they are not pictured.  While this is the only map that appears in the book, I have drawn a full map of the continent (which will appear in the sequel).  Towards the end of the book, the action does take place east of this part of the continent, but I decided to leave it off of the included map.

Astor and Norin are human kingdoms divided by the Norin river.  Jeul, the elven kingdom focused on in this book is one of three elven kingdoms on the continent (one in mountains to the far east and one in a southern desert region).  The dotted line below Aalen marks the border of Jeul.  To the north of Jeul is the empire of Nadara.  I wasn’t sure whether or not to include the location of Moora on my map, but I ultimately decided to so readers would have a better idea of where it’s located, and it is something that is explored fairly early in the book.  The continent, not named in the book (or on the map) is called Maruun.

I look forward to expanding this world, and I already have some of the other continents in mind.  Humans and elves are the only races native to Maruun, though other races appear in the book.  Also, there are more elves and humans in other parts of the world.  When I started to write, I always intended for this world to have all the human races we have in the real world represented.  They aren’t all appearing in this first book, as only two of our human races are native to Maruun (and one character from another country, Areum, also lives there) but more will be appearing, along with more fantasy races as well.

Thanks to all who have read my book so far, and if you like it don’t forget to spread the word.