Captain Zeyn Clarke

If you’ve watched my video, you know that Zeyn was inspired by the pirate puppet Captain Clarke that I made in college and by a role-playing character named Captain Clarke that was also a pirate, and was used in role-playing through AOL chat rooms.  In The Lost Kingdom of Moora, Captain Clarke (first name Zeyn) is not a pirate, but a legitimate ship captain for a trade vessel, The Salvation.  I do plan to write a story of how he came to be a ship captain and where he got his ship in future books, but since none of that is set in stone yet, I don’t want to get into it here.  He is a far more serious character than the puppet or the RPG character, and has to work to keep his crew in line (when you are introduced to them, they get involved in a bar room brawl).  His only family spoke of in this first book is his sister, Maria, who is always next in line to run the ship if Zeyn isn’t able or if he’s away.

Zeyn is very protective of his crew and is very adventurous.  He’s seen faraway lands that the kingdoms of his continent don’t know exist, and has gathered some of his crew from these places (two dwarves and a tall, hairless giant of a man).  The book sees Clarke go on such an adventure, and the resulting short trial his crew faces upon that journey.


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