Roland Lam

The other protagonist of my book is Roland Lam.  I can’t talk much about him on the blog because it would really spoil things that are revealed in the book.  However, there are some things I can say about him.  As I stated in my video, Roland came into existence partly because I was originally thinking about writing my book about the role-playing character, Darien Lance, that I used for years online.  However, the only similarity they share is being vampire hunters, and I really wanted to develop Roland into someone original.  I may one day write the history of Darien Lance out, as best I remember it, but it can’t be for a book because other people’s creations are intertwined in his story.  Maybe for a future blog post.

Roland is, like Zeyn, in his mid to late 30s.  He is well known throughout the land as a vampire hunter, and is famous for his help in saving the kingdom of Jeul during the vampire war ten years ago.  Before he was forced into getting involved in the battle that had become known as the vampire war, he was living life as a farmer, although he had plenty of experience in fighting and adventure before he had settled into that life (but that’s a story for another book).

It doesn’t take long in the book for the details about why he is willing to help Kari Sleyn with her problem, but I want you to be able to experience learning those things about Roland as you read.  Like I said, it would spoil too much in the book.  I’ll post about Kari soon.


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