The World of The Lost Kingdom of Moora

TLKofM Map

While I was writing the second chapter of my book, I realized I should have a map for some reference of where the towns and kingdom capitals were located in the story.  There are other towns within these kingdoms, but they are not pictured.  While this is the only map that appears in the book, I have drawn a full map of the continent (which will appear in the sequel).  Towards the end of the book, the action does take place east of this part of the continent, but I decided to leave it off of the included map.

Astor and Norin are human kingdoms divided by the Norin river.  Jeul, the elven kingdom focused on in this book is one of three elven kingdoms on the continent (one in mountains to the far east and one in a southern desert region).  The dotted line below Aalen marks the border of Jeul.  To the north of Jeul is the empire of Nadara.  I wasn’t sure whether or not to include the location of Moora on my map, but I ultimately decided to so readers would have a better idea of where it’s located, and it is something that is explored fairly early in the book.  The continent, not named in the book (or on the map) is called Maruun.

I look forward to expanding this world, and I already have some of the other continents in mind.  Humans and elves are the only races native to Maruun, though other races appear in the book.  Also, there are more elves and humans in other parts of the world.  When I started to write, I always intended for this world to have all the human races we have in the real world represented.  They aren’t all appearing in this first book, as only two of our human races are native to Maruun (and one character from another country, Areum, also lives there) but more will be appearing, along with more fantasy races as well.

Thanks to all who have read my book so far, and if you like it don’t forget to spread the word.


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