Another reason I started writing

So I have discussed some reasons I started writing and some of my inspiration, but one thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned anywhere is The Wheel of Time.  Recently it has been on my mind since there have been articles saying that Sony is going to make a Wheel of Time tv series.  I loved Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series and thought Brandon Sanderson did a great job writing the last three books after Jordan’s passing.  But I did not like the ending.  I remember finishing the book and just thinking of all the years I had put into the series just to get that for the finale and being dissatisfied.  That’s not to say it’s a bad ending, it just wasn’t what I was hoping for.  And I think that is when I first thought how if I wanted a book to end the way I wanted it to, I’d have to write it myself.

Now there are series and individual books I’ve read that have ended in a satisfying way for me, but the Wheel of Time just didn’t.  I don’t know how many books I’ll write in this series, but I know that just like the Wheel of Time, it’s possible not everyone will like the endings of my books.  And that’s okay.  I just really hope the readers love the characters and the adventures.