New Cover

When my book was finished and I knew I was going to have to self-publish to go ahead and get it out into people’s hands, I made a cover in Microsoft Publisher for the book that is relevant to material in the book, but also is very simple.  I really want to get a better cover for the book before I get into doing any book signings, so I am looking into having this done now.  My plan is for myself and some other artists I know to each do a cover and then have people vote.  When the voting is complete, the winner will be the cover of the book (I will include the other unused covers on the interior of the book).  I’m also planning to have each artist, myself included, do artwork of two or three scenes to place in the back of the book to give a visual bonus to my readers.

Also, I am beginning work on a glossary to put in the back of the book to give pronunciations and information about the characters and places in the story.  This shouldn’t take long to do, but it won’t be added to the book until I have gotten the new cover.  Once I have the glossary, art, and new cover ready, I’ll be re-uploading the book onto Amazon, so if you haven’t gotten the book yet, keep an eye out for this.  I hope to have this done by August/September and then get fully focused on book 2 (which I am writing right now).  Thanks for the support!


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