Book Two and other news

I am currently working on the sequel to The Lost Kingdom of Moora, but there isn’t a name yet.  I am sure some time during the writing process I will come up with a title for the book, and when I do, I’ll be sure to share it.  I’m very excited about building the characters from the first book and visiting new parts of the world that haven’t been seen by the readers, yet, but have been in my mind while writing the first book.  In addition to my second book, I’m working on ideas for my third book, which isn’t a sequel in this fantasy series but is science fiction.

I’m looking forward to hearing from readers of The Lost Kingdom of Moora and how they like it.  If you have read the book and enjoyed it, please let your friends know about TLKofM.  I’d love to see it be a great success, of course, but it really is my hope that people enjoy the story and the characters.  Also, I hope to have a print on demand version of the book up on Amazon in April.  My main concern for the book is working on the cover, but I also want to put a map in the print version (and add it to the Kindle version).  The map is drawn in a notebook, but I need to put it on better paper and scan it into my computer.  I’ll also possibly be putting in a glossary of names and places.

I’m very excited about the book and where they will go in the future.  Thank you for your support.

The Lost Kingdom of Moora on Amazon

The Lost Kingdom of Moora is now available to purchase in the Amazon Kindle Store!  Go to to buy the book.  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this book, and I hope you will enjoy reading it.  If you do buy a copy and read it, please do me a favor and leave a review for the book on Amazon.  Thank you so much for your support.

The Salvation’s Crew

Some of the crew of the Salvation are featured prominently throughout the book, and I’d just like to share their characters and descriptions in this post.  The main crew members that we follow are the ones that accompany Zeyn on a job in the first chapter and are caught up in the adventure, but there are also a few other members of his crew we get to know by name.  I’ll start with the crew members who are with him through the first few chapters.

Annah Freeman is a human woman from Nadara in the northwest.  She is tall with long, dark hair and brown skin and brown eyes.  At the start of our story, she’s been with the crew for eight years.

Brill Smyte is a human man with brown hair down to his shoulders, blue eyes, and freckled skin.  He’s been with Clarke for almost five years and joined the crew along with two close friends of his, Melzer and Phyra.

Melzer Rite is also a human man with tanned skin and brown eyes.  His brown hair is kept short and he also keeps a well-trimmed mustache and goatee.

Phyra Brand is a human woman who is also tanned like Melzer.  She has short blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Rendal Traverse is another human man, and one of the longest serving members of Zeyn’s crew.  He joined the Salvation to leave his shady past behind and turn over a new leaf.  His skin is very fair and freckled, and his eyes are green.  His long red hair is usually pulled back in a ponytail, and he has a thick mustache.

Shim Lett is a dwarven man that joined the crew when Salvation visited the faraway continent he was born on.  Dwarves had never met humans before, nor humans dwarves until then.  As a dwarf, he is shorter and stockier than a human, but twice as strong.  Shim keeps clean-shaven and his long dark hair is pulled back into a pony tail.  His green eyes are bright beneath his thick, bushy eye brows.

Bail Kan, another male dwarf, joined the crew when his best friend, Shim did three years ago.  Bail shares the thick brows and green eyes with his friend, but keeps his dark hair cut short and has a thick, curled mustache.  The two dwarves often get into meaningless arguments.

Shim and Bail weren’t the only two from their continent to join the Salvation three years ago, but the third was not a dwarf.  He belongs to an unnamed race who keep to themselves and try to stay hidden.  But Gor was unlike the rest of his people, and longed to leave and see the world.  Gor looks like a man and his eyes are blue, but he had no hair, as his race grew none anywhere on their bodies.  Instead he has very smooth, tan skin that shows his incredible musculature.  He is also very tall, standing at eight and a half feet tall, towering over his crew mates.  And if the dwarves are twice as strong as the humans, Gor is twice as strong as a dwarf.  Thankfully for others, he has an even temper and a kind heart.

The last member that comes along with Zeyn on his adveture is Naaren Soor, an elven man from the town of Leaf (more info on locations to come in a future post).  Naaren has been with Zeyn before he was even a ship captain and before he had the Salvation.  He has light skin and pointed ears like all elves.  He keeps his long, brown hair loose and his eyes are a piercing bright blue.  Naaren also carries a sword at his left side that he never goes anywhere without, but he has never unsheathed.

Kari Sleyn

While Zeyn and Roland are the two protagonists of my book, there are several other important characters that the book introduces to the reader.  Kari Sleyn is introduced early on, shortly before Roland, as she is seeking Roland out to help her town, Menton.  Her problem is vampire related, and it does grab Roland’s attention since the vampires are believed to all have been killed off over five years ago.

At sixteen years old, Kari is one of the youngest characters in the book.  She is full of hope and enjoys the adventure she takes part in, even though the circumstances that bring it about aren’t good.  Meeting Roland leads her to learn long buried secrets about the vampire war that only the elves of Jeul and few others in the world are aware of, and that all of them keep to themselves.

Roland Lam

The other protagonist of my book is Roland Lam.  I can’t talk much about him on the blog because it would really spoil things that are revealed in the book.  However, there are some things I can say about him.  As I stated in my video, Roland came into existence partly because I was originally thinking about writing my book about the role-playing character, Darien Lance, that I used for years online.  However, the only similarity they share is being vampire hunters, and I really wanted to develop Roland into someone original.  I may one day write the history of Darien Lance out, as best I remember it, but it can’t be for a book because other people’s creations are intertwined in his story.  Maybe for a future blog post.

Roland is, like Zeyn, in his mid to late 30s.  He is well known throughout the land as a vampire hunter, and is famous for his help in saving the kingdom of Jeul during the vampire war ten years ago.  Before he was forced into getting involved in the battle that had become known as the vampire war, he was living life as a farmer, although he had plenty of experience in fighting and adventure before he had settled into that life (but that’s a story for another book).

It doesn’t take long in the book for the details about why he is willing to help Kari Sleyn with her problem, but I want you to be able to experience learning those things about Roland as you read.  Like I said, it would spoil too much in the book.  I’ll post about Kari soon.

Captain Zeyn Clarke

If you’ve watched my video, you know that Zeyn was inspired by the pirate puppet Captain Clarke that I made in college and by a role-playing character named Captain Clarke that was also a pirate, and was used in role-playing through AOL chat rooms.  In The Lost Kingdom of Moora, Captain Clarke (first name Zeyn) is not a pirate, but a legitimate ship captain for a trade vessel, The Salvation.  I do plan to write a story of how he came to be a ship captain and where he got his ship in future books, but since none of that is set in stone yet, I don’t want to get into it here.  He is a far more serious character than the puppet or the RPG character, and has to work to keep his crew in line (when you are introduced to them, they get involved in a bar room brawl).  His only family spoke of in this first book is his sister, Maria, who is always next in line to run the ship if Zeyn isn’t able or if he’s away.

Zeyn is very protective of his crew and is very adventurous.  He’s seen faraway lands that the kingdoms of his continent don’t know exist, and has gathered some of his crew from these places (two dwarves and a tall, hairless giant of a man).  The book sees Clarke go on such an adventure, and the resulting short trial his crew faces upon that journey.

The Salvation

So, some of you may be wondering what the name of this blog means.  In the novel I’ve written, The Lost Kingdom of Moora, one of my protagonists is Captain Zeyn Clarke.  He is the captain of a ship named The Salvation, which is a trade vessel.  I briefly talked about Zeyn in the video I recorded about my book (, but in the future on this blog I plan to talk about each of my characters more in depth to give you background information, a lot of which isn’t covered in the book at all.

So I called the blog Journey Aboard The Salvation because one of the characters you’ll follow as you read is the captain of the ship.  Oddly enough, there isn’t a lot of the book that takes place aboard the ship, though that may change in book 2 (still untitled).